Wednesday, 9 July 2014


... few weeks.  Since my last post, when all our ducks were all nice and neatly lined up in a row, we've been gazumped on the house we were buying; did our best impression of Goldilocks whilst viewing countless properties ("Too small"; "Too close to the road"; "Too far from the bus route"; "Too noisy"; "Too expensive"), until we finally found the perfect bowl of porridge - sorry, house - well, nearly perfect; it happened to be the "too expensive one".

Cue a week of stretching our finances to the utmost, trying our luck with a low offer; increasing the said offer; being pitted against two other offers, both at the (very, very high) asking price; and finally, having the offer accepted..... Unless someone comes in with a significantly higher one, when it will be back to square one.

Let's hope not, though - that bowl of porridge is ours. Nuff said ;o)

Now, frustrating as this saga is - was - a house is just a house, even when it's a beautiful perfect fabulous our house..... And the important things are still well, and still good.  The better half and yours truly celebrated eleven wonderful years together (I got the finances all lined up for the purchase of the porridge house as a present - isn't he good ? :o) );  DD had her taster day at college, and is feeling brave enough to go back in September - she says that yes, it was awkward, yes, it was stressful - but she knew it would be, and knew that these types of situations will never get better if she is never brave enough to leave her room - isn't she great ? :o) ....

And hey - only two more days at work !  Now, don't get me wrong, I liked the job, and will be sorry to be leaving the people behind - but I just can not physically do the job anymore, not if I'd also like to have some sort of life apart from the work.  Fibro - even on the Paleo diet - and hard physical work where you can not pace yourself but are paced by the demands of the job just do not mix.

No more turbulence for a little while now, though - I have had my fill.....


  1. Hello, I happened upon your blog and was surprised and amused by your story of house hunting and the trials and tribulations of making an offer and all the complications.You mentioned in a post about job leaving due to "fibro".It sounds quirky,but my husband and I looked at many houses and are putting in an offer tomorrow on a century home, lovely but tired, in a new town and I also have fibromyalgia syndrome and no longer can manage an outside job.We are downsizing, making huge changes and will be debt free as we chose to buy a home below our means and live simply.So, after fourty home viewing preps and every day life this extra stress has been a trigger.Selling and moving a home is like a part-time job and all that it brings.I'm glad for you, wish you happiness in your new home and hope you keep well.Regards,Destemona

    1. Hello and welcome, Destemona - hope that the process is more painless for you than it has turned out to be for us - two months on, and we are back at square one. Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end....