Thursday, 12 March 2015

Can we reboot, please ?

This year, that is. 

We knew we'd be losing my mum this year for a few months - which, not incidentally, has been behind my long silence.  What we did not expect is that we'd lose OH's mum first.  She passed away in January, a day before Niece the Elder's birthday.

We also did not expect to lose yet another property in the middle of the chaos, but that's exactly what happened, the vendors of our third attempt deciding that they did not want to move after all, after stringing us along for a couple of months.

Then Mum passed away, three days before my birthday.  In between packing up of MiL's life, rushing off to Croatia to send Mum off and support Dad, we found Property No.4, only to have those vendors pull out after being finding out they could not get a mortgage for their onward purchase.

At this point, I was very close to giving up - let it not be said I can not take a hint - after it's hammered in very forcefully, at least.  Then Property No.5 popped up, and all three of us found that we could still get excited about a house, so keep your fingers crossed for this one, would you ?

Something else good did happen a couple of days ago - Niece the Younger gave birth to a whopping 10lb daughter ;)  

But now Sir Terry is gone, too, and his books gave me so much joy over the last twenty years, it's hard to believe there'll never be another one now.  I feel like I have lost yet another family member :(

So can we reboot now, please ?  With vernal equinox, perhaps ?  Start afresh, and make it a touch better this time, pretty please - cos I is really rather tired now. 




  1. So pleased to have you back, Allegra, but saddened at your news. Keeping my fingers crossed that this house works out for you xx

  2. Hi. I'm sorry that you have so much trouble in your life of late. I really do hope that this house will go through smoothly so that you can say that 2015 had something good in the first half. I'm sending you a virtual hug because I think you could probably use one. xx : }