Saturday, 17 August 2013

Before and after

Sometimes a little bit of digging will come up with surprising rewards.

Sometimes you'll end up a little bit shocked as to how far you've actually come.

I look around our house and all I see is what still needs to be done;  and there's always something to be done.  It's all too easy to forget everything you've already done.

This is what we've done:

Lounge - we used to have a tortie cat, and kept losing her on that carpet.  Funny how you forget.

A bit of a difference with the kitchen, isn't there ?

.... and with  the bathroom !

Yup, that's the same room !

Before and after with DD's bedroom.  Mind you, hers went through three different incarnations in the last six years.  I like the latest one best though (and so, for the time being at least, does she).

This is what I was looking for earlier - a "before" photo of the conservatory !

Okay, so the garden was always nice.  You couldn't eat it before though, which - in my book - is definitely a drawback. When it comes to gardens....



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