Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Leaning Uncle

"It's not as festive, but is far more dominant - you can see it from every corner of the city, creeping into frame from the oddest angles, like an uncle who wants to get into every snapshot"

                                         ( Bill Bryson on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, "Down Under", 2000)

Okay, now hold that thought.

I know, I know, it's been way too long.  But you see - we've been on holiday, we came back, we got stuck into decorating and did the whole house, we went Paleo, we revised for exams,  and we are - well, DD is - about to sit the first one of those. Less than two weeks and it will all be over !

Incidentally, all the folks who told me that Paleo would really help my fibro ?  They were right.

So now that my facienda is utterly under control and things are being ticked off well before the deadline, I think I can finally get back to blogging.  What a lucky lot you are, eh ? :o)

I will leave you with a few snaps from our holiday. 

The Leaning Tower

Campo Dei Miracoli
The Baptistry

Museo Del Campo, Ground floor
Museo Del Campo, Top Floor
On our way to the Botanic Gardens
In the Botanic Gardens
The streets of Pisa
Hello again, Uncle !
I shall see you again soon, I hope, but in the meantime, be on your guard.....
..... and don't even blink.


  1. Hurrah! Ditto on the paleo btw - thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Lovely photos Allegra, it looks as though you had an amazing time. I'm glad the paleo diet is agreeing with you. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx