Thursday, 26 September 2013


Well, DD is.  Massive clearout she had, and as a result our bedroom looks like this:

Much, if not most, of this clutter will be going to charity - but there are things there that will be moving no further than my wardrobe (already snagged a rather fetching hat with ears and braids - and no, I am not too old for silly hats, especially when they keep my ears warm on the long walking commute to work and back), there are things that might be of interest to step-son and one or two friends, and then there are things that might bring in a few quid or Amazon trade in credit - for when she decides that she really does not have enough stuff after this clearout, and starts desperately needing some more.

And it all takes time, and energy - sorting through everything, making decisions, listing, maintaining,  posting.... Which means that our bedroom might well continue to look like this for a little while yet.

Just as well we're in no rush :)

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  1. Wonderful. I love, love, love decluttering. I've been doing a little myself lately - I think it's that time of year.