Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wrung Out

Sometimes the simple life is anything but.

There is no one single reason that I can identify for life suddenly getting into knots and tangles - perhaps it's really nothing other than the groove that the start of the school year has  worn into our lives over the last 11 years - so despite the fact that we are doing things differently this year, there is this hangover of stress and confusion hanging off the edges of the calendar.

Or maybe it's other people.

Either way, the better half is on his two week holiday now, I am still two weeks away from return to work, and we are off to Croatia (where my parents live) for a week on Thursday.  The cleverly thought-out list of things I wanted done before we left is still pinned to my corkboard, sporting no more than a couple of ticks.  And the Migraine Fairy has been today, and is proving remarkably reluctant to shift.

No matter though.  We have had DD's CAMHS review, and the psychiatrist listened.  As in, properly heard us - attention paid to what we said, rather than to what they assumed we might.  And DD will not be kicked off their lists even though she is "all fine" now - a review should be set in three months time, which is half the time we'd have to wait if the case got closed and we had to go through the GP again.  So that's good.

DD's A Level resources are not quite complete yet, but the bulk of them is there, meaning we can get cracking once back from the holiday.  And there is a most glorious sunset happening right outside my window, and all's well with the world, or will shortly be.

The kitchen floor tiles did not get mended, but so what ?  They will, some time after our return.  The blackberries did not get picked - well, even if it's too late after our return, I have enough in the freezer for a couple of batches of bramble wine at the very least, and that's a couple of batches more than I managed last year.  The tomatoes will not get "sundried" (courtesy of the dehydrator), but distributed among the neighbours, and that is fine - sometimes you have to let go of more than you intended to.  Besides, having so much to give away always makes me feel very rich :)

And all those unfinished posts stuck in my drafts ?  Their time will come, too.  You will be hearing from me on my return - and in the meantime, September can rush on as quickly as it likes.... But we shall be taking it easy, at least for the next ten days or so.

Incidentally, I think our finances will be needing some serious TLC after we return, so I am planning to attempt a "No Spend October".  That is, no spending other than on the essentials - and keeping even those as low as possible.  Anyone wanting to join in.... Start planning now :)

P.S  The photos are from our last visit to Croatia - taken on the island of Krk in April last year.

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  1. A lovely positive post. You are so right not to knock yourself out trying to do everything - it's not possible! Hope you all have a really wonderful holiday.