Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Couscous Fritters

Inspired by this recipe.  As usual though, I tend to read recipes as more of a....suggestion.  So, tonight I started with couscous that was already flavoured (mushroom), which negated the need for stock; and keeping it simple, the only other thing I added was a handful of dried onions, because I want them used up sooner rather than later.

An egg went in, and feta, and - instead of yogurt, of which I had none - a splash of kefir went in. 

Served with carrots, baked beans, and a spoonful of runner bean and courgette chutney.

An NSD today - and about time for a proper, across-the-board NSD, in this supposedly no-spend month. Plus a £10 Amazon voucher got sent by one of my survey sites :)  I am ever so tired though - the weekend can not come quickly enough.
As for my Morrisons dilemma - huge thanks to everyone who contributed;  and yes, as I would not be exceeding my usual budget - and only exceeding the reduced October budget by a very small amount - I should really go for it.  Hex has hit the nail on the head though - I am not at all sure if I want to be tied into 9 weeks of shopping at Morrisons.  We prefer shopping around, depending on where the best offers are at the time (or who sent the best vouchers), and rarely shop in the same place two weeks in a row.
Having talked it over, though, here is what we decided to do - we'll go shopping in Morrisons this week, and we'll allow £40 for the shopping.  If that £40 gets spent on the stuff we either need this week, or find better value than any other place we can get it, then we might come again next week and do the same.  We will take it one week at time.... And if it turns out after 4 or 5 weeks that we've met the criteria for the offer thus far, then we'll see it through.  If at any time a rival store offers us a better deal for that week though, we'll go for that instead and forget about this offer.  Sorted :)

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  1. Makes sense to me. MrT send me £9 off a £90 every now and then and I burn with the need to use it but I try and apply the 'would I be bothering otherwise' rule.