Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Topping Up

No question this week, I'm afraid - the grocery shopping was not going to see us through the whole week without topping up.  We've eaten all the fruit, you see.... And for that, I had to hit the shops on my way back from work today.
Luckily, Waitrose very kindly sent us a coupon for a £1 off fruit - any fruit; and I haven't had the October magazine yet, either.  Pink Lady - DD's favourite, and rather pricey, apples, were reduced already; and I got another penny off for using mywaitrose card; then it was to Asda for cheaper grapes.  Total spent £2.74.
But despite this being a spend day - albeit an LSD (hner hner) - that is, a low spend day - it was rather a good day in financial terms.  The Amazon seller money went into the account - £22.31.  Then another £25 slid in - a survey site cash-in from back in August.  Both got moved over to the emergency fund account,  so there is £55.29 sitting in there now :)   And then a couple more things got sold on Amazon, so there's £19.33 sitting there now, waiting to join its mates over at the Emergency Fund, where all the action is at.
Other than that, I am knackered.  We've eaten - macaroni cheese for dinner - the laundry has been done, and we have a film to watch tonight. So all's well with the world.
I have just received an email telling me that if I spend £40+ a week on groceries at Morrison's over the next 9 weeks, I'd get £40 off my Christmas shop.  Shopping at Morrison's I can do.  Spending £40 a week I can do, easy.  Except that spending £40 per week would take us (slightly) over our allotted budget for STOP-tober, and that's not taking into account any top-ups. 
But £40 worth of free food ?  Can you imagine how far that would go towards restocking the storecupboard ?  It would be silly not to.
On the other hand, this is why I am doing an attempt at a no-spend month, because, well, it's just to easy for that cash to evaporate. 
But £40 worth of free food !!!!  At Christmas !!!!
Oh dear.
HELP.  If you were me.... What would you do ?


  1. I did the Morrisons thing last year and I actually got two sets of vouchers and put one lot in my M-I-L's name! There were a couple of times where I went shopping that week just to get the voucher so I'm not really sure it actually saved me any money in the end. It was nice to have that £80 coming off the bill on Christmas Eve and New Year's eve though. So I guess if you're very organised and only buy what you would buy anyway it's a good deal.

  2. A tricky decision, but I'm sure you're wise enough not to buy anything just unnecessary if you do decide to do it. £40 off at Christmas does sound tempting.

  3. If it was me, I'd buy things to stock up my store cupboard because that's not money I was spending on October's food. If £40.00 is not much over your usual budget, and you are sure you will spend £40 each time then this is an investment.
    My aim is to spend no more than £5 a week during Stoptober and to use up some of my stores but I invested in some yellow label bargains including bags of pears for 20p each - I bought 8 and will be making some preserves tomorrow. The money for these and some Aldi bargains came from my store cupboard purse - an amount separate from the weekly housekeeping money so I can buy mega amounts of any particularly good offer and still be able to buy that week's food.

  4. Hi Allegra. I would do my usual shop, which I believe you said wouldn't be far off the £40 mark anyway, then calculate the excess to be spent and only spend that much, either on extra store cupboard ingredients, something extra for Christmas or something you would usually run out of like fruit. Just my opinion. Let us know what you decide.

  5. If it was a £40 off a £400 would you be as tempted? If something is on offer at 10% off do you bother? It ties you into doing the bulk of your shopping in MrM regardless of better offers elsewhere.