Saturday, 19 October 2013

Slow Saturday

OH asked why I wasn't taking photos of our meals any longer, and I had no good answer to give.  Unless you count CBA as a good answer, that is.  I guess I probably shouldn't.

Tonight we had mashed potatoes and meatballs for dinner.  Another pack of Lidl £1 mince came out of the freezer - mince on offer for £1 this weekend again, incidentally, but I can't get there this weekend, so just as well that there are 5 packs still in the freezer (OH and I doubled up last time, with 6 packs each) - an egg, some salt and pepper, a grated carrot and a couple of grated mini courgettes all went into the mix.  Then I grated some nutmeg into it as well, because I like grating nutmeg.

Placed on a bed of sliced onion, 20 minutes in the oven, then another 20 covered in gravy. 
Not the most photogenic of dinners, but certainly one of the most comforting ones.
And then there was cake.
I didn't make it, I bought it.  I could have, I should have made it - but sometimes I panic. What if I felt unwell ?  What if I ran out of time ?  What if, what if, what if ?
Well, I did feel unwell.  But there was still cake.  I won't do it again though, because that £58 grocery bill ?  This is how that happened.  A gateau, custard tarts, croissants, crumpets, sausage rolls, even bread.  OK buying one of the above, every so often, for convenience.  Buying them all in the same week, just because we are having visitors ?  The numbers speak for themselves.
In the meantime, the weather was doing strange things to the light.  Not that I am proficient enough a photographer to really capture it properly - I point and I shoot - but this does come quite close. 




  1. That last photo is really beautiful. You are right about the light, it's stunning. Hope you enjoyed the cake - when you don't feel particularly well you deserve a nice easy pudding I think. So don't feel guilty. Onwards!

  2. I hope the cake was appreciated by others? Shop cake was a huge treat for me a child as my mum made all of ours.