Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day Three

And another NSD to report :) 
Last night's dinner - home made vegetable curry - batch made a while ago now, so by no means sure what went into it back when,  but senses of sight and taste report onions, courgettes (of course), green peppers, haricot beans, peas, cashew nuts and coconut.  Frozen, as most of my batch cooked stuff is, in an empy marge tub, then labelled using masking tape and a marker pen.  Always label stuff that goes into the freezer - there's little like Freezer Roulette for putting people off this frugality lark.
Errands for the other half today - a large parcel off to Music Magpie.  As my emergency fund currently consists of £7 odd that the last parcel to MM brought in, I'm delighted to be able to declutter some more and - hopefully - bring in another £15 or thereabouts.   A couple of games got sold on Amazon, over £20 coming our way as payment for those.  Not only not spending, but bringing in extras - not too shabby, right ?

Of course, sometimes sharing is a lot more important than hoarding.  There is stuff in that sack that could have been sold, but we do not like ebay anymore, and someone will be happy to find a pile of decent goods in a charity shop - and the profits will go to a good cause.  What's not to like ?

And a parcel to a friend - something she and her son were on the lookout for, and that DD has no more use for.  As I do Royal Mail survey, which is paid in stamps, posting this will not cost me anything at all - not that having to pay postage would have stopped me posting it - just that I would not have been able to claim an NSD ;)  This way, everyone is happy !

And more on the food today - first, there was the question of snacks, partly addressed by finding an elderly sachet of custard, which was then turned to "custard pots", to be snacked on today cold, from the fridge.

And then there was my lunch - and yes, I went for Dr Sleep in the end, simply because that was the first book of the bunch that I opened to have a look at, and then found myself unable to put it back down.  Kept me up till midnight, too, which these days is a tremendously late night for me.

And DD's - German potato salad, which is the only way she'd eat potato salad, as she loathes mayo and salad cream and the like.  Basically, potatoes cooked in their skins, skin peeled off, sliced (these were floury rather than waxy, so fell apart somewhat, but that is not something that bothers DD).  Onion, raw, finely sliced.  Oil - this is rapeseed, as I'm out of olive - and vinegar.

And then it was time to think of what to eat tomorrow - bread all gone, no snacks - a batch of bread dough whipped together quickly and left to prove, and after helping DD with her schooling schedule, turned into some breadsticks......
.....and a loaf of bread.

Finally, dinner - basmati rice cooked with a pinch of turmeric, chilli con carne from the freezer, grated cheese.

And tonight I have the second part of Terry Pratchett's Colour of Magic DVD to watch.  Another day ticked off, and tomorrow we spend..... On groceries.  Expect junk galore, I'm afraid - but hey, we made it through the week without top-ups, and for us, that's a biggie !


  1. I'm impressed, you're doing really well. I need to have a look through some stuff and see what I can sell too. Good luck with next week, and have a lovely weekend.

  2. I spent 29.99 on a halogen oven from Aldi yesterday. I don't use my oven because I can't afford the fuel so now I can bake cakes, make bread and cook a roast. Our toaster has been broken for months and I've not been able to afford to replace it so now we can make toast. I call it creative accounting - instead of having money at the end of the month to save/spend on something we need, I am using, at the beginning of the month, what I would have spent on groceries. If I'd waited till the end of the month they would have been out of stock. so it makes a lot of sense to do it this way round I think.

  3. A halogen oven is on my Amazon wishlist, and is probably what my next lot of survey vouchers will go on ! I do try to save up my baking and make sure I have a full oven every time it goes on, but it doesn't always work out as well as it could. The creative accounting definitely makes sense though - it's a wise investment and saves you a lot more in the long run !