Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Slipped Up

It started yesterday morning, with waking up the second morning in a row feeling all chewed up and half-digested.  I did my exercises; the neck and shoulders sounded like they were full of grit that was lazily shifting from one chewed-up spot to another.  I took my painkillers; they took just enough of an edge off it for me to start believing that I'd be OK going to work.

This was a mistake.  Three hours of hard physical labour when you are not in possession of two fully functional arms and shoulders, no matter how careful you are trying to be.... Trust me, you will pay for it.

And I did.  By the time I made it home it was too late - the tension in the muscles had reached the point of no return and the Migraine Fairy was on her way. 

And, you know, I did ever so well.  I dragged myself up for long enough to make the evening's planned meal - sweetcorn risotto - and was even sufficiently compos mentis to deal with the fact that I had no cheese in apart from a few cubes of feta - tip: when suffering from dearth of cheese, chuck a little bit of coconut (creamed is best, but any will do) into your risotto instead - lovely creamy result; in fact, OH commented on its especial creaminess (I suppose I ought to check with him whether this was actually a compliment, but he is busy getting stressed about football at the moment).  And that was a risotto made with basmati rice, as that's all I had in.

Anyway, I digress.  Point is, today's post was going to be on the advantages of being prepared; how keeping a storecupboard, and planning your meals, will see you right even when you are barely keeping upright.  You might have impaired vision from a migraine aura, but as long as you've planned ahead - and can be flexible enough to swap to a simpler meal from your plan if necessary - there is no need to resort to an "emergency takeaway". Ever.  Which is handy when the funds will not stretch to it, but also good when all you are trying to do is divert the funds elsewhere.

So, there I was, in that slightly euphoric mood that follows a migraine attack (never quite sure whether the euphoria is an after effect of the migraine or of the painkillers), popping into Asda on my way back from work to pick up a punnet of grapes for DD....

.... and leaving Asda with a slightly bemused expression on my face and two bulging carrier bags of crap, having just handed over best part of £20.  £6 of that was socks.  Did we need socks ?  Well, yes, we did.  But did we need them right now ? Um, maybe not so much.

And cheese.  I bought lots of cheese, for some reason.  Probably because I was so clever the night before, making a risotto without any.  So I deserved a reward of cheese for that, right ?

No, whichever way you look at it, it just doesn't make any sense.  Lesson learnt:  next migraine attack, leave the purse at home the next day.  Can. Not. Be. Trusted. 

Oh, and I have no photos for you today, either.  Sorry.  I am making up for my manic indulgence by being strictly austere about such fripperies.  Either that, or I just CBA.

Normal service will resume tomorrow.....

.... or will it ? Mwahahahahahaha...


  1. Oh dear, sorry you felt so grotty. I'm laughing about the carrier bag full of goodies though. We've all been there! And every time I say "never again". Hope you are feeling much better now Allegra.

  2. Fully recovered for the moment, thanks :o)

  3. I hope it was decent cheese at least?

    1. Mature cheddar and grana padano. I've been sneakily snipping bits of both straight from the fridge. The full moon approaching is doing strange things to me.....