Thursday, 13 March 2014


No energy for a proper post tonight, so I'll just cheat and use the space to catch up with the comments.

CJ - I am really interested on how I'll feel on Paleo, too - I am starting to bore myself, about every other sentence out of my mouth is "I am so tired", and that is also pretty much the sum total of my thoughts, too.  I know I should change my thinking pattern and convince myself that I am buzzing with energy, but you know what ?  I am too tired to....

Lseley - I started sticking onions onna stick after I read that someone did the same in order to keep it safe from rats.  We've not had any problems so far (2+ years of doing it) - but maybe the fact that the garden is overrun with neighbourhood cats might have something to do with it....

Hex - it's not that hedgehog that can not be, erm,  bovvered, by any chance ?  Thanks for info on nuts - we tend to stock up every so often in the ethnic supermarket, but the prices quoted compare well enough and might save us an extra trip.

Broad Bean - I will be back with a more detailed post on probiotics, but briefly, I use milk kefir and kombucha . Water kefir is also available, but I've not tried it - the starter cultures of all three of those need to be bought or cadged off someone who's already got them, although my mum did have some success starting off a kombucha scoby from the sap of wild rose.  I might be able to help there if you are interested - with the two I use, that is.  Lacto-fermentation of vegetables (eg. sauerkraut and kimchi) also creates probiotics.  I am planning to carry on using the kombucha as a regular drink (I shall count it as "tea" from the transitional foods list), and kefir for my "open meals" every so often.

Right, sleep tight, I'll be back soon !


  1. I'm feeling utterly wiped out at the moment as well. I find it really hard to get through the last part of the day. Kombucha is something that intrigues me, I'd love to try it one day. I'd be interested to hear how you look after it and how you use it. I'm a big fan of sauerkraut too, although I've not tried making it myself. Good luck with the paleo diet, and I really hope your energy levels improve soon. Maybe this spring sunshine will help.

  2. Hope you are ok Allegra?