Friday, 7 March 2014

Rubber Chicken - Part 5

Chicken Jambalaya
And here, friends, you can see the last 100g of chicken meat from our Sunday roast.  The end of rubber chicken, then ?  Nope.  Remember half the sauce we stashed away yesterday - and all that lovely stock ?
But back to tonight's meal....
A splash of oil; a chopped onion;  a small piece of chorizo, cubed.
Add two crushed cloves of garlic (my garlic crusher fell apart during tonight's crushing;  in the future, you'll be seeing a lot of "finely chopped garlic" instead, for as long as my hands co-operate without a crusher) and some crushed chillies - chilli powder is fine if you don't have any.
Add a handful of sweetcorn and the same of peas;  sweetcorn was the kernels off a cob saved from yesterday; peas came from a bag in the freezer.

Add a tin of chopped onions, or a carton of passata; or, as I did, a tub of homemade tomato sauce outta the freezer.

Add long-grained rice; 50-75g per person, depending on appetites (we are big eaters, we go to the higher end); and water - twice the volume of rice.  A bit of sea salt; a few dried or fresh herbs, if you have them.  Add the chicken, stir, bring to the boil.  Turn down to simmer, simmer for 5-10 minutes, then stick the lid firmly on and leave for 10-15 minutes more.

You can, of course, make this meal with raw chicken instead, in which case you'd add the cubes of meat to the hot oil just before or just after the onion, depending on how brown you like your onion to be. 
Shopping tomorrow - we normally go on Friday afternoons and keep the weekend free, but when Lidl's half-price offers are worth making the trip for, we'll swap to Saturday.  Tomorrow it's pork chops, potatoes.... And crisps, I'm afraid.  At 5p a bag though, it could be a lot worse.....


  1. I was planning on the crisps too. On the garlic front I find smashing the clove with the base of a pan less painful than chopping. I often use garlic powder when my hands are bad.

    1. Excellent thinking, Batman ! Smashed garlic it is.... And garlic powder added to the shopping list.

  2. Our Lidl had no pork chops left when I got there and only one torn pack of crisps (with several of the little packs missing...). I did get a couple of the mini salamis, though, which will help the flavour of a few otherwise bland meals : )

    1. We got two of the last four packs of pork chops (or so we thought, but then we saw a bloke restocking the fridge a little later on) and could see no crisps, just empty boxes.... But then found another box of them randomly stuck further down the aisle. No rhyme, no reason....