Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rubber Chicken - Part 4

Are you getting bored of this yet ?  Well, tough.  OH asked tonight at the dinner table if this was the end of my rubber chicken, to which I replied - not by a long shot, mwahahahaha.... Or words to that effect.

Then I asked him the serious question - has he had enough of it yet ?  He very bravely denied it - apparently, served up in all the different forms, it's OK.  As long as it was not starting to go off or anything.

Which reminded me to mention a very important food safety bit - if you are stretching your rubber bird as far as I am doing, then freeze that baby - it's fine in the fridge for up to four days, but any longer than that, and it should really go in the freezer.

So, tonight it was the night for pasta.

A splash of sunflower oil, two onions - one red and one brown, just for fun.

The last three cobs of corn out of the freezer, boiled briefly, then kernels cut off - these were the late cobs, and not pretty enough to serve "on the cob"  - that's the last of my homegrown sweetcorn left the freezer now. 

Kernels from two cobs added to the onion, the third one (pictured below) saved in a container in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner.

Chicken and some "instant cheese sauce" from AF added to the onion and the sweetcorn.  If I didn't still have half a tub of super-cheep Approved Foods cheese sauce mix to use up, I'd have just made a basic white sauce instead.

Half a packet of spaghetti (I know, piggy portions, but there were leftovers) boiled up, and then half of the sauce stirred through the spaghetti.  Yep, only a half.  We'll revisit the other half another time (remember the safe storage instructions though - and if you are worried about the chicken being reheated more than once, do the sauce without the chicken, set half of it aside, put half of your chicken bits in the half still remaining in the saucepan and heat through, and leave the other half aside until cold, then mix the remaining half of cold chicken in and store.  I'm afraid I don't bother - not suffered any ill effects from it yet.)
And here it is - the finished product. 
BTW, remember that stock I made ?  After using some in the risotto yesterday, I stored the rest in empty margarine tubs (each one holds 500ml of liquid) and stuck them in the freezer.  And yes, we'll be revisiting these, too. 



  1. A seriously rubberised chicken. I am just not in your class!

    1. In all fairness, I do not always rubberise it this far - I know how to open a box, y'see, and help myself to the contents.... But I have been ever so good this week and not nibbled at all, in order to properly rubberise it for the blog.

      Oh, and I am catless at the moment, too - that also helps.