Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rubber Chicken - Part 3

Today's rubber chicken is twofold - first, all the bones, gristle, skin, and generally stuff you are unlikely to eat went into a biiig pot with a slug of cider vinegar, a couple of bayleaves, some parsley and a few chunks of carrot.  Brought to boil, then left to bubble long and slow until every bit of nutrition (calcium galore) has leeched out of the bones and into the broth.
The reason for using the vinegar is nothing to do with the flavour - it will all cook out and be unnoticeable in the finished product;  but what the vinegar is supposed to do is help leach all the locked-up calcium from the bones, and into the stock, thus packing extra nutritional punch !
Second part consisted of splash of oil + a finely chopped onion + a few sliced mushrooms + a cup of Arborio rice.   A couple of cups of  stock, boil, then simmer, stirring frequently.  When the liquid is all but absorbed, a dash of sea salt crystals, a handful or grated cheese, and a handful of chicken meat scraps.  Heated through, and served with more cheese on top.

Sheer comfort onna plate.
No more from me tonight - after three hours of lugging kickstools up and down the stairs;  a 3/4 hour walk back home;  a couple of hours of keeping DD's simmer from becoming a full-blown blood boil; and then another hour's walk to town and Specsavers to acquire a new pair of glasses for that self-same DD (whilst she can still get them for free !).... I am wiped.
Incidentally, DD's old glasses broke (one of the arms fell off) a few weeks back - I taped'em up with a bit of cloth tape (when the superglue failed to fix them in the first instance), and they've been in use since, and remain in use still, as the new pair won't be collected before Monday.
Superglue - and strong sticky tape - keeps my world together, I tell ya.
Nighty night and - hopefully - sees ya all tomorrow. 

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  1. It looks great. Only me who likes risotto here so we don't often have it but I did buy some this week in anticipation of my next rubber chicken.