Monday, 3 March 2014

Rubber Chicken - Part 2

Also known as -"the curry".  We eat curry at least twice a week, often more, and never the same dish twice - it depends on what we have in, what we feel like, how far we're trying to stretch things.... And as Indian (or Thai) spices can turn even the most bland selection of leftovers into a meal fit for royalty,  having actual meat in the actual curry is something of a special treat ;o)  
So, tonight, a cup of rice in two cups of cold water, bring to the boil in a pan with a very tight lid, turn the heat off and leave well alone. 
Splash of oil into the frying pan, onion, dices, turn the heat on.
Sliced red pepper and a handful of mushrooms.

The last bit of "naga masala" that was part of my Christmas present from OH, a tsp of paprika, tsp of cumin, tsp of coriander, half a tsp of fenugreek, stir around until the spices start giving off their wonderful aroma, then chuck in a bit of leftover chicken.  Just a bit is fine - this might be a chicken curry in name, but the veggies have as much of a starring role as the bird.  This is an ensemble piece, in fact.

A splash of water to get it to the right consistency, and then a couple of tablespoons of dessicated coconut, just for the sheer fun of it.

Simmer on low for 10 minutes or so, and serve over your, by now perfectly cooked and fluffy rice.



  1. Lovely to see you posting more :-)

    That looks good. I hadn't thought of decimated coconut - thanks. I bulk bought block form Amazon a few years ago but will run out soon and the price puts me off buying more.

    1. Same here, although mine came from AF. The decimated stuff also thickens, which is what was wanted this time.

  2. Hex, Approved Food have coconut powder at 75p for 300g. Have just checked and they are doing two boxes for £1.50, and 850g tins of mango for 25p (4 for £1)

    Chuck in some of both and nearly anything will taste fab

  3. I love a good curry and that does look good. I never repeat a recipe as I tend to chuck things in that I have to hand, I use coconut cream in my curries I cut a block into 3 and freeze the extra 2 for next time. Dessicated coconut may be a better choice, I always have it for cookies and cakes.

    1. Thanks Pam - I do as you do when I wand a more runny curry, but we were after a dry one last night, and desiccated coconut also thickens the sauce.