Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Knackered tonight, so anything even approaching sense will have to wait (nothing new there, all line up in an orderly fashion, we may be some time).  Cupboard and freezer lists ?  Mealplans ?  As if.  I did take some photos though, they will have to stand for the rest.  Paleo rules to follow sometime soon I hope - and Hex, there are three levels of adherence, and the lowest one allows you coffee, too (just no milk in it).

Guess which one I'll be following ?  After all, I need a caffeine withdrawal headache like I need a hole in the head (which now makes me think of trepanning - aren't you glad you live in the 21st century and they give you pills instead ?  I may have my ambivalence about prescription and over-the-counter drugs, but I'm still bloomin' glad they exist, for emergencies).

Right. Food stocks.

Onions and spare apples hanging offa nail in the shed - nice and cool in there, keeps a lot better than on a shelf in a steamy kitchen or in the fruit bowl respectively.  No rush to eat up the onions either - they are allowed on Paleo. 

The outside freezer - some meat in there, which is not necessarily ideal for Paleo purposes, but can be used in "open meals" at least;  home made stock and tomato sauce should be OK to use, as can frozen fruit.  Quorn is DD's - again, no rush to tackle that much from the freezer.

Juice is DD's; beans will keep; potatoes (5kg in total) need to be eaten up.

Fridge - not much there that will still be there after three weeks; no problems there.

The freezer part of the fridge-freezer - a fair number of beans that need eating up; ice cream and peas are among the few things that DD eats, so no rush there either.

The kitchen open shelves - cheese sauce, oatmeal, chapatti flour and soba noodles should be eaten down as much as possible; rice and popcorn are consumed by DD, so again, no rush there.  Not bad going so far....

This cupboard is on the hit list - peanut butter, Bovril, various baking bits....

....a lot of porridge oats and muesli (DD eats some occasionally, but there is a lot there)

.... still a large amount of legumes....

.... various oils and condiments that will not be on the new plan.....

.... a selection of different flours....

.... sugar for wine making, a massive bag of pasta..... And we shan't be short of teabags, either.....

.... this is getting a bit silly now.....

....um, yeah.  Let's hope that DD's cake-and-ice-cream phase lasts a good long time....

.... don't worry about these, they will not last long at all.
So, what do you reckon ?  How much of this will we be able to eat over the next three weeks ? 


  1. I take it couscous isn't allowed? I am sure you can use the majority of stuff up if you really try. I must have a read around the subject again and decide if I can join you. I think I would rather buy less junk (and coffee) and divert the funds into better quality food.

    I drink black coffee without milk or sugar so usually ok. I found cutting down in stages worked better otherwise the headache is unbearable. Changing job was my downfall - the University is full of bean to cup machines and little opportunity to make your own or to have water instead.

    1. Your university is better than mine, lol. We have water fountains and a staff room for making your own coffee - or AMT coffee stands for people happy to be parted with huge sums of cash in return for a posh caffeine fix.

  2. I realise you were making a joke when you said you'd prefer a pill to trepanning, but this procedure is still a vital part of neurosurgery. If you've got a baby with hydrcephalus or raised intercranial pressure following severe brain injury you would still want your neurosurgeon to perform an incision to relieve the pressure on the brain rather than hand you a pill and hope the swelling will die down of its own accord. Far less long lasting brain damage that way.

    1. Point taken - I'm afraid I was only thinking of my own experience with migraines - and I have to say, if I lived in a time when no medication existed to stop an attack or relieve the pain once it starts, and someone told me that I would have got better if I allowed them to drill a hole in my skull.... I'd have said, drill away. Can't make things any worse, and it might end up putting me out of my misery....

  3. hello I contacted you a while ago about us HomeSchooling :) and guess what. We do Paleo too :) .. Kids are gluten and dairy free but me and hubbie are mostly totally Paleo. He has a auto immune illness and it has REALLY helped with it! x

    1. I don't suppose you'd like to write us a guest post on your experience with Paleo ? :o)

    2. I will speak to hubbie and let you know! We are so busy with exam prep at the mo :( boring!!! x

    3. Know what you mean.... Well, no rush, if you are willing to at any time, drop me a line to my email (on "Contact Me" page). !

  4. Am intrigued re your onion storage. Doesn't it attract rats, not onna stick? We get a squirrel in our shed quite often, so that would eat them, and we have had rats round the compost heap before now. We do live in the country, more or less, but even so. It would be useful to be able to store onions and spuds in the shed, but if don't think I would get away with it